Antiphonal Fanfares (2008)

Composed: March & May 2008
Duration: 4:15 minutes
Premiere: June 19, 2008; Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts at Emory University during the International Euphonium Institute 2008; Martin Cochran, conductor
Forces: 2 tuba-euphonium Quartets (2 x euph, euph, euph, tba), staged opposite each other


Following the success of “Meditation and Madness” (2007), this short composition of 3 compact fanfares scored for dual tuba-euphonium quartets was commissioned, in part, by the Euphonium Consortium Commission for the International Euphonium Institute (IEI) at Emory University in June 2008.

Availability of score and parts:
Fanfares 1 & 2 : $15.00 Please contact the composer.
Fanfare 3 : $24.95 available for purchase as part of the “2008 IEI Fanfare Collection”
through the store