Three Miniatures for Flute, Bassoon and Piano (2009)

Composed: August 2009
Duration: approx. 8:30 mins.
Premiere: November 15, 2009; “Trio37”, Florence Kopleff Recital Hall at Georgia State University; Atlanta, GA (USA); Trio37: Wolfgang Auer (flute),  Angelica Zingerle (bassoon), Akiko Kadota (piano)
Instrumentation: flute, bassoon, piano

I. Song
II. Dialog in the Dark
III. Journey

This short piece was originally written on commission from the Atlanta-Nürnberg Sister Cities Committee for the Nürnberg (Germany)-based Trio37  in celebration of the ensemble’s autumn 2009 visit to Atlanta. Originally entitled “Three Nocturnes”, the work’s three compact movements attempt to capture night’s calm serenity and mysterious atmosphere: from a somber “Song” to an evocative “Dialogue in the Dark” (in which the flute and bassoon answer each other’s calls, like nocturnal birds, above a trance-like piano accompaniment), culminating attacca in a lively night-time “Journey” and ending in calm repose.